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When you need help securely releasing a friend or loved one from the West Covina Jail, please give Tonya Page Bail Bonds a call. Our staff is experienced, licensed and there’s a bail bondsman waiting to answer your bail bonds questions right now.

We are highly experienced in attaining bail bonds for West Covina. You may choose to complete the bail process by phone, fax, or email. We also offer to meet you at a location of your choosing. However you decide to begin, it’s important to get started on it right away. Call now to speak to a licensed bail bondsman for West Covina about your best options for a quick release from jail.

Please contact us at 1-877-861-3761 and we will kindly guide you through the bail process 24/7.

West Covina Police Department and Jail Information

West Covina Police Department
1444 West Garvey Avenue South
West Covina, CA 91790
Phone: 626-939-8500

The West Covina Police Department receives, on average, 200 phone calls a day and is deemed one of the busiest police stations in Los Angeles County. They operate the West Covina Jail facility, which is small, but suitable to hold defendants until their first court date. However, to avoid overcrowding, inmates can be transferred to another facility in downtown Los Angeles if they aren’t bailed out in a timely manner. To avoid this from happening and adding to unnecessary served jail time, it’s important to get the bail bonds process started right away to get your loved one or friend released promptly.

If you’d like to get answers about bail bonds for the West Covina Jail, our staff will respond to your needs effectively and honestly.

Bail Bond Fees

Many times we get calls from prospective clients who are “in the dark” when it comes to the bail bonds process. We know this information very well and it is our duty and obligation to provide you with accurate information, honesty and confidentiality. The bail bond fee in the state of California is currently set at 10%.

Tonya Page Bail Bonds will only perform your bail bond needs in an ethical and legal manner. We keep up-to-date with current rates and always provide that to our clients. If you’d like to speak to a licensed bail bondsman about a West Covina bail bond, or for another location in California, contact our office today and we will kindly walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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