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How Are Van Nuys Bail Bonds Determined?

When a person is arrested and taken to the Van Nuys Jail, they will wait there until a judge is available to determine their eligibility for bail. The courts first concern is whether or not the defendant is likely to skip out on their court date. With that factor, there are several others they must also consider before and during the bail setting.

Information in regards to how Van Nuys Jail bail is set.

An important factor in determining the bail setting for a defendant is how severe the crime is that was allegedly said to have been committed is. If the defendant was accused of a violent crime, the judge may decide to not grant a bail for the defendant at all. On the other hand, if the judge does set a bail in regards to a violent crime, the bail setting may be extremely high in terms of monetary funds. By setting a high bail amount, the judge and court is trying to secure the defendants return to their scheduled court date. However, if the crime was a non-violent crime, the judge may feel that the defendant presents no threat to society or themselves, in which case the bail may be set at a significantly lower amount. Overall, the severity of the crime allegedly said to have been committed plays greatly in the determination of the bail amount setting.

The next factor the judge must take into consideration is the defendants past criminal history. Most likely, if the defendant has no criminal history, the bail setting may be lower. Likewise, if the defendant does have a criminal history, this factor will increase the bail setting. With a criminal background, the judge may feel inclined to not give the defendant bail at all.

As mentioned above, another factor the judge considers is whether or not the defendant is likely to show up to court as scheduled. If the defendant is labeled as a “flight risk,” which means they may run from the law and not show up to court, he or she will most likely not be eligible for bail at all. If they are granted bail under risk of flight, their bail setting will be a much higher amount. Of course, if the defendant is determined as a low flight risk, the judge may grant a lower bail setting.

When a defendant skips out on their court date their bail will be forfeited to the court system, which is important to know whether you’re posting your own bail or using a bail bond.

Additionally, if the defendant shows no signs of flight risk and has not been accused of a severe or violent crime, a judge will occasionally grant release at the defendant’s own recognizance. This usually means the defendant may need to sign a piece of paper that states they will come to court as expected.


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Updated: 01/07/2011