Bail Bonds for Van Nuys Jail

Important Details of Van Nuys Jail Bail Bonds

Anytime someone is arrested and taken to Van Nuys Jail, it can be a terrifying experience. Fortunately, for some defendants, they are allowed to use a bail bond to post their bail in order to be released from the Van Nuys Jail.

Typically, bail bonds are a common form of release, but understating the bail bonds process continues to be somewhat foreign to most people. Before you hire a bail bondsman for Van Nuys jail, there are some things you should know so that you get the best service possible.

You Do Not Need a Bondsman

In some cases, the defendant, their friend or relatives can post bail directly to the jail or court system, avoiding the need for a bondsman. However, because bail in Van Nuys and throughout Los Angeles often comes in a very large amounts ($10,000 to a million dollars or more) and cash is needed to post bail directly, personally posting bail sometimes difficult.

At Van Nuys Jail, hiring a bail bondsman often seems to be the best way to get someone out of jail quickly and with less financial stress. When hiring a bail bondsman in Van Nuys, you will pay a fee of 10% of the overall bail amount. This is a more feasible option for most.

How Bail Bonds Work

Overall, it’s important to know who is involved with bail bonds. Basically, it comes down to the defendant, their “co-signer”, the bail bondsman, and the court.

When you hire a Van Nuys bail bondsman, you will need a cosigner to complete the bail bond process. The co-signer serves as a stable part to the bail bond process. Specifically, the co-signer is guaranteeing the defendant will show up to court as expected and is taking responsibility to pay the bondsman.

If the defendant does not return to court as agreed, the co-signer will be responsible to help return the defendant to court. It’s important to understand that a simple missed court appearance can generally be taken care of with a couple of phone calls. Real problems are extremely rare and only come into play when someone is actively trying to evade going to court and dealing with the situation.

Finding a Bail Bondsman for Van Nuys Jail

The first step to make when dealing with this stressful situation is finding the best bail bondsman for the Van Nuys jail. In order to do this properly, there is some research involved as well as some important factors you should look for in a qualifying company.

In some cases, if you or the defendant has hired a defense attorney, they may be able to refer you to a reputable bail bonds company. Also important to mention, you should steer clear of hiring the large bail bonds company you see in advertisements. Just because they have a good marketing company doesn’t mean they are a good bail bond company themselves. Such companies are large corporations with rigid requirements. A smaller bail bonds company based locally may be better able to accommodate individual needs for payments without interest, meeting you at your location or giving the defendant a ride home. 

No Collateral Bail Bonds

Sometimes, in order to secure a bail bond, collateral will be required. Collateral can come in many different forms, but usually it is real estate. Again, if the defendant does not show up to court as scheduled, the collateral will be forfeited. If you are required to use collateral, it’s important to understand these rules and guidelines, and make sure that the bail bonds company you’ve hired explains all of this in detail.

At Tonya Page Bail Bonds, most of our bonds are done with no collateral necessary.

For additional information on how we can meet your needs or if you’d like to start a Van Nuys jail bail bond, please contact us now: 1-877-861-3761 (1-877-861-3761). We are available 24x7x365.



Updated: 12/27/2010