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San Marino Police Department Information

San Marino Police Department
2200 Huntington Dr.
San Marino, Ca 91108
Phone: 626-300-0727

The Chief of Police for the San Marino Police is John T. Schaefer, who has held that title since October, 2007. The San Marino Police Department was first formed roughly between 1913 and 1918. San Marion City was first formed in 1913, and did not have a police department but only a City Marshal. Later, as the city grew, a police department did also.

After additions of Deputy City Marshals and a Police Chief, they formed a police department. Today, San Marino Police Department has grown and provides a safe place for area residents, businesses, and visitors. 

What Does A Bail Bondsman Do?

Bail bondsmen are available to you to help get someone released from jail securely and promptly. Much of the time, bail amounts are set very high, at an amount unreasonable for most people to pay themselves. Bail bond companies help to ease the strain that these situations may cause.
A bail bondsman should provide a legal and cost effective way of getting the inmate released. Instead of paying for the entire bail amount up front, the bondsman charges a 10% fee. This creates a more realistic amount of payment for clients.

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Updated: 02/20/2015