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Bail Bonds for NoHo and Surrounding Communities

I provide bail bonds throughout all of the San Fernando Valley including the communities of Cahuenga Pass, North Hollywood, Studio City, Toluca Lake, Toluca Woods, Valley Glen, Valley Village, and West Toluca. Those arrested in this area would be taken to the North Hollywood Police Station Jail.

I can offer you quick and dependable bail bond service for the North Hollywood communities. Families trust me to help them every day. I am a professional, licensed California bail bondsman who can help you through the bail process.There is a bail bondsman available to take your call any time for North Hollywood bail bond information: 1-877-861-3761 or 818-332-1040.

LAPD North Hollywood Station Information

North Hollywood Community Police Station
11640 Burbank Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

North Hollywood Inmate Information

The North Hollywood Station is part of the Valley Bureau of the Los Angeles Police Department. The communities of Cahuenga Pass, North Hollywood, Studio City, Sun Valley, Toluca Lake, Toluca Woods, Universal City, Valley Glen, Valley Village, and West Toluca are serviced by the LAPD North Hollywood station.

Police jurisdictions overlap communities in The Valley. The communities of Valley Glen and Valley Village are also served by the Van Nuys Police Station. I can provide Van Nuys bail bonds and information. The LAPD also operates a police station in Hollywood. Additionally, the community of West Hollywood is serviced by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. I provide both bail bonds for Hollywood and bail bonds for West Hollywood. If you are uncertain as to the location of the arrestee, I can assist you. Please call Tonya Page Bail Bonds toll-free at 877-Bail Bond or locally at 818-332-1040.

Bail Bond Resources for North Hollywood

If you need a North Hollywood bail bondsman, I will get you through the bail bond approval process quickly, often in just a few minutes over the phone. During our conversation, I will make certain that you understand how a bail bond works as well as the responsibility you are undertaking if you become a bail indemnitor (the person who bails someone out of jail).

Often, clients are not sure if they can afford a bail bond. You should be aware that the cost of a bail bond is set by law in California. Your cost will be 10% of the total bond amount. If the bail is set at $15,000, your cost will be $1500. I accept all major credit cards and can work out payments for people with good credit or who are homeowners. I charge no interest when payments are arranged, but you must demonstrate that you are able to make payments. I am experienced at creative solutions, so please call for complete information.

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Or, you can call to discuss your particular questions with a licensed bail agent at 1-877-861-3761 818-332-1040.

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Updated: 04/05/2012