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As a licensed California bail bondsman, I can help you with a Lynwood bail bond for the Century City jail, the Los Angeles women’s jail. I will provide you with reliable service that you can trust. Every day I help families from all over through this difficult time. Please call 24/7 for Lynwood Jail information or for bail bond service: 1-877-861-3761.

Lynwood is the primary women’s jail in Los Angeles County. Sometimes referred to as “Alameda Jail”, the Lynwood Jail at the Century City Station is run by the LA Sheriff’s Department. In addition to the City of Lynwood, the station services the areas of Florence, Firestone, Walnut Park, Willowbrook and Athens Park. The Lynwood Jail houses women arrested in Los Angeles County. At times, women arrested in other areas of Los Angeles are brought directly to Lynwood if the local jail does not have a female jailer on duty.

If you know someone arrested in Century City, they may have been arrested by the Sheriff’s Department and taken to the Lynwood Jail. Alternatively, they may have been arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department and taken to the West L.A. Jail. In addition to Lynwood, I can also assist with a West L.A. bail bonds at either of these locations. It may be easiest for you to call me to determine the place of incarceration.

Century City LASD Station and Jail

Lynwood Jail Map

Century Station
11703 Alameda St
Lynwood, CA 90262

Lynwood Jail Inmate Information

The City of Lynwood contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for police and protection services for its residents. There are nearly 200,000 residents that live within the 13 square miles of southern Los Angeles County for which the Century City Sheriff’s Station provides law enforcement services. The communities within this area are the City of Lynwood, Florence, Firestone, Walnut Park, Willowbrook and Athens Park.

Century Station is located between the 110 and 710 freeways, just south of the 105 freeway. The station is south of Imperial Highway and north of El Segundo Boulevard on Alameda Street, hence being known as the Alameda Jail.

The women’s jail at Lynwood was reopened after the riot that took place in Los Angeles County jails in 2006. The LA County Sheriff takes or eventually transfers all women arrested to the Lynwood jail.

Arrested in Lynwood

Arrestees in this area will be taken to the Century City Station for initial booking and processing after arrest. Women in the LASD will usually be kept at the Lynwood jail until arraigned or otherwise released. The Los Angeles County Men’s Central jail, also known as the Twin Towers Jail Complex, is where male detainees are taken or transferred if they are not bailed out. 

A transfer may be avoided by starting the bail bonds process as soon as possible, resulting in fast release from jail. A transfer adds significantly to the amount of time the arrestee will be in jail. When a transfer takes place there is paperwork and computer updating plus the time for physical transfer of the arrestee that must take place before an individual can be considered for bail bonds to be released from jail.

Bail Bond Approval Process

Tonya Page Bail Bonds makes sure that you know what to anticipate throughout the bail bond process. You will also learn about your bail indemnitor responsibilities, so you can decide if you should bail someone out of jail.

The process for approving bail bonds over the phone will only take a few minutes. I will ask you questions about the defendant and yourself to determine if I can help you. If I cannot help, I will let you know quickly.

There will be a simple bail application and contract to sign when the bail bond is approved. Most people like the idea of being able to handle all the paperwork via email and fax. I am also willing to meet you at the Lynwood jail with the paperwork. Typically, I can complete the bail bond process for Century City within an hour.

Lynwood Bail Resources

If you need additional bail bond resources, you or your family may find the information on my web pages helpful. This site explains the cost of bail bonds and payment options. We also have a bail bonds FAQ page that answers most general questions about bail bonds.

You can call to talk with a licensed bail agent about your Lynwood bail bond needs at 1-877-861-3761.

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Updated: 03/16/2011