LASD Walnut-Diamond Bar Station

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Walnut-Diamond Bar Station and Jail Information

Walnut-Diamond Bar Station
21695 Valley Blvd.
Walnut, CA 91789
(626) 913-1715

Situated in the southeastern part of Los Angeles County, the Walnut-Diamond Bar Sheriff’s Station, which was built in 1974, covers very scenic territory in an area of 45.2 miles. This includes the contract cities of Diamond Bar and Walnut, along with the unincorporated areas of Rowland Heights and Covina. The Sheriffs there provide patrol, investigative and custodial operations, to more than 148,000 residents.

The City of Diamond Bar contracts with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for all of its law enforcement services, and around 20 full-time personnel have been assigned to their station. They are trained to provide the highest level of public safety and emergency assistance, free of charge. In addition to their on-the-job duties, department personnel are also involved in conducting drug and crime awareness programs, and many serve on specialized rescue teams. In addition, there are 25 members of the Diamond Bar Volunteer Patrol who act as extra eyes and ears for the Sheriff’s Department.

The Station has an on-site jail and booking time averages 2 hours.

Walnut-Diamond Bar Sheriff Substation:

Rowland Heights Asian Community Center
Phone: (626) 912-4741
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Mon. – Fri.)

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Updated: 03/11/2015