LASD San Dimas Sheriff Station

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Station and Jail Information

San Dimas Sheriff’s Station
270 S Walnut AV
San Dimas, CA 91773-2646
909 450-2700

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department San Dimas Station is located east of Los Angeles County, adjacent to the cities of La Verne and Pomona. The station provides law enforcement for the unincorporated Covina, Azusa , Glendora, La Verne, and Claremont areas, as well as a large portion of the Azusa Canyon and Mount Baldy areas of the Angeles National Forest (State Route 39).

The original San Dimas Sheriff’s Station was founded to protect local fruit growers and poultry raisers back in 1927. It went through a series of incarnations, ending up at its present location in the City of Walnut in 2006.

The Station is especially proud of its Senior Volunteer Patrol Program, which involves elderly citizens in non-hazardous tasks that support the department. It is also noted for its outstanding Mountain Rescue Team that performs technical rescues and searches in the rugged terrain of the nearby Angeles National Forest. This unit, located at 114 E. First Street, is made up of highly trained, dedicated citizen volunteers and Reserve Sheriff’s Deputies.

The LASD San Dimas Station’s jail is a temporary holding facility. In case of overcrowding, medical conditions or attending court, arrested males are transported to Pitchess Detention Center or Men’s Central Jail. Females are taken to the Lynwood Century Station jail. Booking time runs much longer at these prison facilities, so we advise posting bail while an arrestee is still at the San Dimas Jail.

Bail Bonds For San Dimas

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Updated: 03/11/2015