Bail Bonds for LAPD Newton Station

The officers of the Newton Community Police Station serve all areas of the Produce / North-End Business and Fashion Districts, Pueblo Del Rio and the South Park Entertainment District. This station doesn’t have a jail, so if a friend or family member has been arrested they are first booked in at Newton and then taken to either the Metro Center or the 77th District Jail.

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LAPD Newton Community Police Station Information

LAPD Newton Community Police Station
3400 South Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90011
323-846-6547 Phone
323-846-6535 TDD/TTY

The LAPD Newton Community Police Division has been around since 1925. It is named after the street the station house originally stood on. In the early 1990s, a newer building which featured modernized police technology was constructed on South Central Avenue. The original building still stands on Newton, but it is now a street maintenance facility. The new station still falls under the jurisdiction of Central Bureau.

The LAPD Newton Police Station serves the neighborhoods of Produce/North-End Business District, Fashion District and the South Park Entertainment District which is community made up of 9 square miles and populated by 150,000 people. Because it is a relatively small station, arrestees who are booked in at Newton are jailed in one of two places: The men are generally taken to Metro Center Jail and the women are taken to the 77th District Jail.

Bail Bond Answers

One question that probably have is “How much does a bail bond cost?” Quite simply, a California bail bond fee, which is regulated by the CA Department of Insurance, generally costs 10% of the total bail amount. You don’t need to shop for a bargain; just find a bondsman you trust.

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Updated: 08/22/2011