LAPD Harbor Station and Jail

Has somebody you care about been arrested in Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, San Pedro, Terminal Island or Wilmington? If so, they were probably booked in at the LAPD Harbor Community Police Station and then incarcerated in the on-site jail.

I know how important it is have your friend or loved one returned home, where they can be surrounded by people they care about and are able to maintain their daily routine. At Tonya Page Bail Bonds, I make sure any client in the Harbor Jail is bailed out, as quickly as possible.

My company has served all of LA, including the Harbor Division for years. We have a small expert team of local bondsmen who can guide you through the process of posting bail. We do so in minutes, and then take all the time you need to discuss any related issues.

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Harbor Community Police Station and Jail Information

LAPD Harbor Community Police Station
2175 John S. Gibson Blvd.
San Pedro, CA 90731
310-726-7700 Voice
310-518-6387 TDD/TTY

Los Angeles Police Department Harbor Division officers used to operate out of cramped trailers on a vacant lot in Wilmington. But all that changed in early 2009, when their beautiful, brand new 50,000-square-foot station opened in San Pedro. This entirely green and fully self-sustained facility was built with technology and efficiency in mind. It has its own helipad perched atop a 400-space parking structure, complete with a 100,000-square-foot maintenance and refueling structure. A new watch commander’s office monitors key locations, and Los Angeles Harbor (one of the world’s busiest ports), has an emergency, the enormous station also functions as a nerve center for different agencies, including Port Police and the FBI.

The station employs over 260 officers and detectives who serve a population of 171,000 people. They cover over 27 square miles, the largest area in South Bureau, and they are home to four diverse communities: San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City and the Harbor Gateway.

But the most impressive feature of the new station is their 16,000-square-foot jail, which holds up to 600 prisoners. The LAPD Harbor Police Station is currently negotiating with state corrections officials about contracting out their cells to house inmates from overcrowded prisons.

Finding an Expert Harbor Bondsman

Crime and quality of life issues continue to be major concerns for locals and business owners in the Harbor area. If an arrestee isn’t bailed out of the LAPD Harbor Police Station Jail, he or she ends up remaining in custody until their case is heard in court. So a major benefit of choosing to post bail is that it gives the arrestee more time to find better legal services to present their case in a favorable way.

One of our main goals at Tonya Page Bail Bonds is to make sure the friends and family of an arrestee also receive fast, courteous and professional bail bond services. We want to get you back to normal, a.s.a.p., after your troubling experience. Our highly-trained bail bondsmen appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with the most confidential bail bond consultation in Southern California — especially when it comes to navigating the legal complexities of the LAPD Harbor Police Station and Jail.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to know more about How A Bail Bond Works, Booking and Processing, or other related topics, like Bail Bond Costs and Payment Options, please feel free to call us or read these informative topics.

If you are in trouble or you know someone who is, call Tonya Page Bail Bonds today at 1-877-861-3761 or at 310-601-4085 and get help with the LAPD Harbor City Community Police Station and Jail.

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Updated: 04/05/2012