How to Find Los Angeles Bail Bonds

There are numerous reasons why someone might find themselves in the position to need services provided by a bail bonds company. For the city of Los Angeles, finding a bail bonds company isn’t that difficult. However, finding a professional, licensed and effective Los Angeles bail bonds company is a bit more difficult, but not impossible.

Not only finding a Los Angeles bail bonds company will be important if you need one, but also finding a great bail bond company should be of interest. If you want to be taken care of in a time where stress can exceed its normal level, you need to find a great company who has already proven they are trustworthy, ethical, timely and effective. They should also be patient and take the time to answer all of your questions about the bail bond process.

People can be arrested, again for numerous reasons, but sometimes it can be as simple as an unpaid parking ticket. Typically, you won’t even know that you probably should be arrested until it happens.

In Los Angeles, some bail bond companies may work in a specific location while other companies may have agents all over the state. You may want to work with a company that offers more in terms of bail bond services which is likely found in a smaller family owned company.

Most likely, the biggest concern crossing both the defendant and your mind, is just getting out of jail. However, to avoid serious complications down the road, seeking a great bail bonds company is highly recommended versus hiring the first one that comes to mind or that has an advertisement. You should learn about the company you are going to hire, as bail bonds, jail and court means serious business. You should take note of their availability, rates, fees and what types of bail bonds they offer.

Foremost, hiring a Los Angeles bail bonds company that is large and advertises on television may seem beneficial. Such companies are large corporations which generally offer little flexibility in terms of payments and options for completing your bond. These large bail companies operate like large banks or retailers — they have a front line and a long line “up the ladder” to decisions makers.

A smaller company, such as Tonya Page Bail Bonds, has developed personal relationships with throughout the Los Angeles jail and law system. Knowing the bondsman’s stance within the law community will better ensure the release of your friend or loved one and will help to settle your mind a bit.

As for types of bail bonds, companies can offer several different processes. In Los Angeles as well as the rest of California, bail bond fees are 10% of the overall bond amount and should not exceed or be lower than the said 10%. However, some Los Angeles bail bond companies may require collateral or another type of “security” when issuing a bail bond. Whatever the bail bond company is offering you will all be stated in the contract and should not contain any hidden information. Furthermore, a great bail bonds company will explain everything prior to your signing.

Another sign of a professional bail bonds company will be their interest and concern into your specific situation, which goes along with their patience in explaining the bail bond process to you.

Whichever Los Angeles bail bonds company you choose to hire, be sure they are legit. Do some research and find the best available before making a hire.


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Updated: 12/15/2010