Bail Bonds for Gardena

Once you know that a family member or friend has been arrested, it’s important to make use of every second thereafter to ensure they don’t spend unnecessary time in jail.

Like many of the smaller jails in the state of California, the Gardena Police Department is too small to hold someone for a significant amount of time.  Therefore, most often due to overcrowding they will transfer an inmate to a larger jail facility in downtown Los Angeles to make room. If that happens, the time spent in jail will be considerably longer.

If you’ve been contacted by a friend or family member that is being held in the Gardena Police Department Jail, contact us immediately for information about bail bonds in Gardena right away. Call 1-877-861-3761 now to speak with an expert bondsman.

Questions to Ask a Bail Bondsman

When inquiring about different bail bonds companies and which to use in the Gardena area, there are four main questions to ask. These include:

  1. Are you licensed by the California Department of Insurance?
  2. How often do you get someone out of this jail?
  3. How fast can you get someone out of jail?
  4. What are my payment options?

These questions are important to ask upfront, so that you know you’re getting the best service available. The Tonya Page Bail Bonds team are all fully licensed and in good standing with the Department of insurance.

In most instances, an expert bondsman can meet with you within the hour after first calling our company. For the fastest out of jail service, you can pay with a credit card and we can execute necessary paperwork for bail by email and fax. We also like to give our clients the option of in person meetings at a location of their choice.

We are also affiliated with the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating. Our credentials and experience show greatly in our services and verification of these can be obtained by visiting our office. 

Gardena Police Department Information

Gardena Police Department
1718 West 162nd Street
Gardena, CA 90247
Phone: 310-217-9670

The Gardena Police Chief of Police is Ed Medrano. He, along with his excellent staff of police enforcement officers and administrative teams help to make Gardena a safe place for residents, visitors, and businesses. The first police department formed for Gardena began in 1930. Currently, the police department is composed of 146 employees, 92 of them are sworn officers. They are responsible for providing law enforcement services to approximately 6 square miles and a population of about 60,000 that make up the city of Gardena.

If you’d like to speak to an expert bail bondsman for information about bail bonds in Gardena, contact us now and we will quickly get started and help you with whatever questions you may have: 1-877-861-3761.


Updated: 10/09/2010