Choosing a Los Angeles Bail Bondsman

Work With An Expert

An investment of time, money and emotion goes into the bail bond process. In order to have things go smoothly, it’s important to find a reliable and effective Los Angeles bail bondsman when bailing a friend or loved one out of jail.

Many times, the bail bond industry has been portrayed as a conman’s game and it certainly has been proven to be true in some situations with unscrupulous bondsmen acting illegally. However, to avoid being sucked into a trap, you should do a bit of homework. There are definitely reputable, reliable bondsmen throughout Los Angeles. You just need to understand the process to know you are dealing with an expert.

What to Look For in a Bondsman

The first step you should take is making sure the bail bondsman you are working with is licensed. Next, checking on their experience and their ability to concretely perform necessary paperwork and maneuver through the L.A. jail and court systems is also important.

An experienced bondsman will enable prompt released from custody at any Los Angeles jail. The largest L.A. jails are the Men’s Central Jail (the County Jail), Metropolitan Detention Center (formerly LAPD Parker Center) and the Van Nuys Jail (the LAPD San Fernando Valley Jail).

A professional bondsman will be able to explain every curve and detail of the bail bonds process and, in turn, will patiently answer all your questions.

A good bondsman will be able to provide several means of payment as well as payment options or financing. Researching the types of bail bonds available is also necessary. If the Los Angeles bail bonds company offers signature bonds — meaning no collateral is necessary, you might want to put them at the top of your list. 

24 Hour Service

Certainly, we all know there is no such schedule for arrests. Since the Los Angeles jails accept bail at all hours, the bondsman you’re seeking should have a flexible schedule. Some companies may offer a 24/7 availability, which should also play into your interests.

Equally as important as their availability is their ability to be reached. How long will you have to wait on a phone or listen to an automated service before you actually are able to speak to someone?

Will the bondsman require you to go to an office or can you complete the bond online, via email or fax? Many bail bond companies have offices in seedy areas of town. You may not want to go to those locations in the middle of the night or alone. Will the bondsman come to you or meet you at a location convenient to you?

3 Tips of Caution

Tip 1: When seeking a bail bondsman in Los Angeles, inquire about the ones who are large versus a smaller, family operation. Typically, if the business is large, the “front line” will have very little flexibility in terms of creative solutions. They also will probably have a rigid process in place with little opportunity for completing your bail bond online. When you are able to deal directly with the owner of a bail business, they can make exceptions based on your individual needs.

Tip 2: If a bail bondsman gives you an exact time when referring to your loved one’s or friend’s release: beware. There is no concrete way to give the exact time, only an estimate. A real bail bonds company will be fully aware of this and prepare you accordingly. The larger L.A. jails are notorious for taking many, many hours (12 is common) to release a defendant after bail is posted.

Tip 3: Again, when looking for an expert Los Angeles bail bondsman, checking their website can be very beneficial. Look for abundant information, which will show their dedication to this field of work, as well as their desire to help others.

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Updated: 03/16/2011