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I can help with your bail bonds for Carson. I understand that families find themselves in unexpected situations. A majority of my clients never thought that they would need a bail bondsman. Likely, you are looking for fast, reliable service that you can trust. I am here to help.

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Carson LASD Station and Jail

Carson Station
21356 S. Avalon Blvd.
Carson, CA 90745
Carson Inmate Information

Carson contracts with the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department for police and protection services. The LASD has a station in Carson. The Carson Station provides services for the unincorporated County areas of West Compton (including zip codes 90222, 90223 and 90224), Gardena (90247, 90248, 90249), Torrance (90277 & 90278), and Rancho Dominguez (90220 & 90221) and the city of Carson (90745, 90746, 90749, and 90810). The Station’s jurisdiction also includes California State University, Dominguez Hills (90747) and UCLA / Harbor General Hospital.

It should be noted that the Lennox Station also services Gardena. If the defendant you want to bail out was arrested in Gardena, they may be taken to jail at the Lennox Station in Inglewood. I can also provide Inglewood bail bonds.

The Carson Station offers specialized services to assist families in determining potentially dangerous family situations including the threat of domestic violence. I offer domestic violence bail bond help. Please visit my Los Angeles Bail Bonds for Domestic Violence page for further DV bail information.

Arrestees in this area are initially taken to the Carson Station for initial processing after arrest.

LASD will transfer detainees who are not bailed out quickly to Men’s Central jail, also known as the Twin Towers Jail Complex, located in downtown Los Angeles. Women may be transferred to the Lynwood Jail.

If an arrestee gets transferred, it will add quite a bit of incarceration time. This is because of the time it takes to transfer a detainee, do the paperwork and update the computer before an individual can be released on bail.

Because transfer adds so significantly to the time in jail, I recommend that you complete your bail bond in Carson, if possible. Often, a transfer can be avoided by starting the bail bond process as soon as possible, resulting in the quickest release from the Carson jail possible.

The Bail Bond Process

You will know what to expect throughout the process of working with me. When you call, I will get you through the bond approval process in just a few minutes by asking you questions relative to the defendant and yourself. The questions will help me to evaluate the situation and the likelihood that the defendant will return to court, Any information I collect from you is kept confidential.

I will work with you through every step of the bail bond process so you understand how it works. I will also define your bail responsibilities, so you can make an educated decision on bailing someone out of jail. If you have a doubt as to the defendant returning to court to address the matter, please do not bail them out of jail.

Once the bond has been approved; there are some mandatory forms to be signed. The bail application and contact are two very simple documents that would be required by any bondsman that you work with. To get the paperwork done and set up the bail bond payment. I will meet you at the Carson jail or you have the choice to do it by email and fax. This process typically takes me less than on hour.

There is a lot of information on this site. If you prefer to talk directly with a licensed bail bondsman about your circumstances, please call Tonya Page Bail Bonds at 1-877-861-3761 or at 310-601-4085.

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Updated: 03/10/2015