Bail Bonds in Beverly Hills

The city of Beverly Hills is most famous for Rodeo Drive, shopping, dining and celebrity sightings. It’s sunny almost all year round and is a great place to visit and vacation.


If, however, your friend or loved one has been arrested and jailed in Beverly Hills, we know you want immediate bail information on how to get them out of jail quickly. That’s why a professional bail bondsman is available 24/7 for you.

When you call, we’ll ask just a few quick questions to get the bail process started. We’ll help you understand the details from start to finish and will work with you to have them released from the Beverly Hills jail as quickly as possible. Once the bond has been approved, there are just a few forms to sign. If you have an email or fax, you can receive the paperwork from us within minutes.

For immediate information about booking, arrest, or bail bonds in Beverly Hills, speak to a bondsman now at 877-BAIL BOND or locally at 310-601-4085.

Beverly Hills Police Department Station and Jail Information

Beverly Hills Police Department
464 North Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 550-4951

The Beverly Hills Police Department is responsible for safeguarding the lives and property of City residents. The department is a leader in early response times and its dedicated officers work with the community to keep neighborhoods problem-free and it values its reputation as an agency which earns the public trust through efficient, impartial police service.

When someone is arrested by the Beverly Hills Police Department, they will be booked into the system. The booking process at this jail generally takes from 2 to 4 hours; it is one of the quicker jailers in Los Angeles County. Booking generally consists of a background check, fingerprints, mug shots, checking for any previous warrants and processing into the computer system.

Posting Bail

The fee for a bail bond in California is 10% of the total amount of bail. As an example, should the bail be set at $20,000, the non-refundable cost of the bail bond would be $2,000. Our company never charges additional fees or taxes for a bond, and we take all credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. You can always pay with cash.

Please call to find out how we can help. Should you need to make payment arrangements, we’ll work with you. When you qualify, we’ll set up a payment plan that’s most comfortable for you and your family.


After paperwork and bail payment have been arranged, a bondsman will post a bail bond with the Beverly Hills jail. Once as bond has been posted, it can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours for release from this facility. However, should the defendant be transferred to one of the larger Los Angeles jails, it will take much longer time for their release.


Bail can be posted 24/7 in Beverly Hills. However, if the defendant is not bailed out of jail, they will generally remain in custody until their court arraignment, usually three business days after arrest.


We have the flexibility to meet your Beverly Hills bail bonds needs. We have both the experience and understanding of how to process bail in Beverly Hills and throughout the Los Angeles County.We’re always here to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays.

For additional bail bond information, call toll-free 877 224 5266 or locally 310-601-4085 and talk now with a professional, discreet bail bondsman.




Updated: 09/20/2012