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Kings County Sheriff Department & Jail

The officers of the Kings County Sheriff’s Department are committed to providing the best law enforcement and correctional services. By working in partnership with the members of the community, the Department ensures a higher quality of life to the residents of Kings County.

Kings County Sheriff’s Department/Jail
1444 W. Lacey Blvd.
Hanford, CA 93230

Phone (Office) : 559-584-1431 ext. 2790
Phone (Jail) : Phone: 559-584-1431 ext. 2812 or 4103
Bail Bonds in Hanford

The deputies of the Kings County Sheriff Department are considered “generalists” since they are responsible for investigating most cases from start to finish. This includes processing a crime scene, interviewing victims and witnesses, and arresting the offender.

Each uniformed deputy is issued a patrol car which remains with them at all times. This helps ensure that the vehicles are well-maintained and increases the department’s visibility throughout the community. The vehicles will soon be equipped with mobile display computer terminals that will help deputies be dispatched more efficiently. This will also give them access to databases maintained by the Sheriff, California Department of Justice, and National Crime Information Service.

Three detectives make up the Rural Crime Task Force (“Ag Unit”). Their sole responsibility is to investigate property crimes against farmers, ranchers, Ag-related businesses or industries that occur in unincorporated areas of Kings County, and impact the victim’s commercial production, distribution, or economic livelihood.

The Sheriff’s Department has substations located in Kettleman City and Corcoran. These strategically located stations help to better serve the communities of King county.

Kettleman Substation Phone: 559-386-5351

Corcoran Substation Phone: 559-992-4141

Booking Process If someone you know has been arrested in Kings County, they will likely be taken to the Kings County Jail in Hanford for booking. They will be searched for any drugs or weapons and any property will be collected and held until they’re released. They will be fingerprinted and photographed, and a background check and nationwide warrant search will be conducted. A bail amount will be set according to the Kings County bail schedule and once they are completely booked into the system, the defendant will be able to post bail for their release.

Bail Bonds for Kings County

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Updated:  02/23/2015