Bail Bonds in Taft

When a friend or family member has been arrested in Taft, it can bring a lot of stress into your life. Your immediate thoughts are to get them released as soon as possible.

This situation is hard to handle on your own. Tonya Page Bail Bonds has a team of agents ready to assist you any time of the day or night when you call our toll-free number, 1-877-861-3761 or locally at 661-347-1395. We can answer all of your questions about bail bonds for the Taft Sheriff’s Department and even start the process while we have you on the phone.

We know that not everyone can afford to pay the full amount of bail needed to gain your loved one’s release from jail. That is why Tonya Page Bail Bonds wants to help. We can work together to bring them home. Enlisting the help of a bail bondsman, you will be able to use our knowledge and experience to make a difficult experience more bearable.

When you give us a call at 1-877-861-3761, we can find a solution that works best for you. A bondsman can meet you at a convenient location to sign the necessary paperwork, or we can complete the bail process by fax or email.

When you are ready to call us, it is helpful if you have:

  • The defendant’s full legal name and date of birth
  • The list of charges
  • The amount of bail
  • Their employer information and yours

You may not have all of this information when you call, but we can work with what you do have. Our licensed, professional team is ready for your call. We are ready to help you through the bail bonds process. Your loved one doesn’t have to sit in the Taft Jail any longer than necessary.

The Cost of a Bail

In the state of California, the bail bond premium is set by the California Department of Insurance. It is currently set at 10%. This fee is not negotiable.

The amount you will pay us will depend on the amount of the bail. For example, if the defendant’s bail is set at $10,000, you would pay us a $1,000 fee. Once that fee is paid, we will post the bail and your friend or family member will be released, usually within a few hours.

Tonya Page Bail Bonds will work with you. We will even make a payment plan if it is necessary, for those who qualify. Our goal is to make the bail bonds process go smoothly for you. We know how frustrating this situation can be. Our team of licensed professionals is ready for your call at 1-877-861-3761 or 661-347-1395.

We make a point of putting your needs first. We can complete all paperwork over the phone, though fax or email, or in person at a location convenient for you. Don’t wait. Your loved one shouldn’t have to stay in jail any longer than necessary.

Taft Sheriff Station

Taft Sheriff Substation
311 North Lincoln St.
Taft, CA 93268
Phone: 661-763-8550

The Taft Sheriff’s Department is responsible for 787 square miles in the Taft area. The substation office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. When someone is arrested in the Taft area, they will likely be taken to the holding facility at the Taft Police Station . We can post a bail bond at any Kern County jail 24-hours a day.


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Updated: 04/10/2012