Bail Bonds In Rosamond

We understand how frustrating it can be for you when a friend or loved one has been arrested in Rosamond. You might not know who to turn to in this situation and that is why Tonya Page Bail Bonds is ready to help you. We have a team of licensed, caring bail bondsmen who can work to get your friend or family member out of jail.

This is a stressful situation but we can help to keep it from becoming overwhelming. You can call us at 1-877-861-3761 or 661-347-1395. A bondsman for Rosamond is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and ready to help walk you through the bail bonds process, from start to finish.

How is the Bail Set?

In the state of California, bail is set on a county-by-county basis. Kern county judges do a yearly review of the bail schedule which is then published for public and law enforcement use. The judges take several factors into consideration when setting bail amounts:

  • Public safety is always the first consideration.
  • Severity of the charges. The more serious, the higher the bail amount.
  • Repeat offender, bail will be higher.

The entire bail process can be confusing. When you call Tonya Page Bail Bonds at 1-877-861-3761 or at 661-347-1395, our trusted bondsmen are ready to help you every step of the way. We can complete all of the necessary paperwork over the phone, in person, or by fax or email.

Kern County Sheriff’s Department- Rosamond

Rosamond Substation
1379 Sierra Highway
Rosamond, CA 93560
Phone: 661-256-9700

The Rosamond Substation once operated out of the back room of the Fire Department on Desert Street. Today, the substation is responsible for approximately 500 square miles around Rosamond. Any time a person is arrested in the Rosamond area, they will be transported to the main Kern County jail in Bakersfield for booking and processing.

We will handle your situation confidentially and ensure that this situation goes as smoothly as possible. Your loved one doesn’t have to spend any more time in jail than necessary, so give us a call to get started.


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Updated: 04/10/2012