Bail Bonds in South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe has grown into a beautiful place to live and visit. But even in the most pristine areas, a person can find themselves in trouble with the law. If someone you know has been arrested in South Lake Tahoe, it’s important to contact a bail bondsman who can work quickly to get them released from jail.

The bail bond process can be confusing for someone that doesn’t work with it every day. Tonya Page Bail Bonds works with law enforcement agencies all through California. We can post a bond for your loved one 24-hours a day. Our simple paperwork can be completed by phone, fax or email. An agent will even meet with you at your home or work.

When you call us for your free consultation at 1-877-861-3761, an agent will walk you through the entire process for bail bonds in South Lake Tahoe.

South Lake Tahoe Police Department

South Lake Tahoe Police Department
1352 Johnson Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
Phone: 530-542-6100

The Department provides full law enforcement services to the residents and visitors of the South Lake Tahoe area. In an average month, officers respond to nearly 2,350 service calls.

The South Lake Tahoe Police Department was formed in 1967. Today, 40 sworn officers serve 13 square miles along the California/ Nevada state line. There are also 10 civilian support staff members and a team of reserve officers working to serve residents.

The Department has its own Investigations Bureau, SLEDNET drug task force, boat patrol unit, K9 team, SWAT team, Crisis Negotiation team, and Honor Guard.

If someone is arrested in the South Lake Tahoe area, they will be transported to the
El Dorado County Jail in South Lake Tahoe located at 1051 Al Tahoe Blvd. They will be booked into the system, have their fingerprints and photograph taken. A background check and search for pre-existing warrants will also be done.

After booking, a bail amount will be set, and the defendant will be able to post bail or have a bondsman post it for them.

Bail Bond Costs

In California, the cost of a bail bond is 10% of the total bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $10,000, the fee charged will be $1,000.

This amount is determined by the California Department of Insurance. It is illegal for a bond agency to negotiate this amount with clients. It may seem more desirable to do business with an agency that is willing to accept a lower amount. But you need to ask yourself: If the agent is willing to act illegally in this instance, in what other areas do they bend the law?

Affordable Bail Bonds

At Tonya Page Bail Bonds, we understand how expensive bail bonds can be. That is why we accept payments made by credit card and in many cases; we can make a payment plan. Financing a bail bond with us will have no additional taxes or fees. We also offer no-collateral bail bonds in most cases.

We know how important it is to get your loved one released from jail in as little time as possible. Their time will be better spent in speaking to an attorney, not sitting in a jail cell.

When you call us at 1-877-861-3761, a bondsman will get started on a bail bond for your loved one right away.


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Updated:  08/13/2012