Bail Bonds for Bribery

Bondsman for Bribery Charges

We understand the confusion you may face when someone you care for has been arrested on a bribery charge. We have both experience and knowledge of the California jail system and have helped many clients in similar circumstances.

Speak to a licensed California bondsman 24/7 for expert assistance at 1-877-861-3761.

We understand you are eager for release from jail, which is why we’ll clearly explain the bail process and get moving forward with the bail bond right away. We want you to feel confident knowing that we are a family business with several years of experience behind us.

Bribery Charges – California Penal Code 92-100

Bribery (PC 92-100) charges are given when someone offers or accepts anything of value for influence or the exchange of gifts, money, rewards, awards, favorable treatment, etc.

Bribery is also known as a “white collar crime”. Those should be aware that anyone accepting the bribe or giving the bribe can be charged with bribery.

Felony white collar crimes such as bribery can carry severe punishments which can include, prison time and heavy fines. Some businesses can incur fines which equal the total of their assets.

Being charged with bribery is really just the beginning of what is often a long legal process. Getting bailed out is the first step to getting the case on track.

How Do I Post Bail?

During our initial consultation with you; you will be asked a few questions so we may collect important information about the defendant’s circumstances. We do this to assess the amount of risk that will be involved in writing the bail bond. We look at many factors such as the length of time living in California, employment status, credit rating, charges, and other factors. These factors are a consideration for both the defendant and the indemnitor (person signing the bail bond).

We may not require any collateral, but that depends on the case.

When the bail paperwork is finalized, a licensed bondsman will file, or “post”, the bond with the jail and the defendant will be released which can take anywhere from 2 to 24 hours depending on the size of the facility, the time of the week and how busy the jail staff is.

Options for Release

There are several options for release from jail once the arrestee has been booked and processed into the county computer system. In the state of California, they include: Bail Bonds, Own Recognizance (“O.R.”), Citation Release (“Cite Out”), Property Bonds or Cash Bonds.

Generally, bribery charges would either require bail or for the defendant to wait in jail for court proceedings. Other options for release on such charges would be unusual.

Once the individual has been booked, they may be released from jail on bail bond or if no bail is posted, they may be held until arraignment. Arraignment generally takes place within two business days. For example, if someone is arrested on Wednesday evening, they would generally be arraigned on the following Monday morning. Bail can typically be posted at most California jails, 24-hours a day.

How to Get Started

To quickly and conveniently receive the paperwork, all you need is a fax or email. It only takes just a few minutes over the phone for our company to get started with the bail application and approval process.

It’s nice to know that everything can be handled from the comfort of your own home. Our on call, 24 hour bail agents can also meet with you at your work, home or the jail where your loved one is being detained.

Bail Costs

We offer various creative financial solutions and have several bail bond payment options to choose from.

If your friend or family members’ bail amount has been set at $20,000, the signer (indemnitor) would have to pay $2,000 or 10% to post the bond. Our company never adds finance charges, taxes or fees. Most often, we won’t need any collateral.

Paying for the bail bond is made easy with Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You may also pay by cash.

A Trusted Bail Bond Resource

For fast, reliable information regarding bail bonds for bribery charges, call a bondsman at 1-877-861-3761, 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our professional bail agents will work expediently to help get your friend, family member or loved one out of jail right away. We have years of experience in the bail industry and hope you will make us your trusted resource for bail bonds in California.

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Updated: 07/24/2014