Understanding Bail Bonds for Martinez Jail

It’s safe to say that no one really expects or wants to be arrested. However, it does happen and most often it’s totally unexpected. If you find that you or someone you know has been placed in the hands of the law, your first concern will be getting them out of the Martinez jail safely. In most cases, after being arrested and taken to Martinez Jail, you will have to wait until your bail is granted. Sometimes it can take over 24-hours for a bail to be set and for the bail bond to be posted. Furthermore, it is near impossible to state an exact time for release, but a bail bondsman should be able to help you with an estimated time for release.

When a judge has to determine your bail amount, he must consider several things in the process. Some things the judge will consider is the defendants crime, the severity of that crime, their past criminal record, if any, and the defendant’s temptation to flee in the future. The judge may also look at how the defendant serves the community, if at all. A judge will typically set a very high bail amount if the defendant is said to have committed a severe or violent crime, has a large criminal background, or if the judge thinks the defendant will become a fugitive. In some cases, the defendant may have been brought to jail for immigration violations, in which case you should seek a bail bonds company that specifically issues immigration bonds.

In California, there are several types of bonds. There are surety bonds, cash bonds and property bonds. Cash bonds are when someone uses cash to bail themselves out of the Martinez jail and usually, a portion is returned after the case has been closed. Property bonds, sometimes known as collateral bonds, is when someone uses real estate, stocks, bonds, jewelry or any other highly valuable material to secure the release from jail. Thirdly, surety bonds can be used and are quite common. Surety bonds are issued by bail bondsmen whereas you pay 10% of your overall bail amount to use their service in getting your friend or loved one released from the Martinez Jail. In most cases, surety bonds are much more feasible and realistic for the average person seeking to get someone released from jail.

Typically, surety bonds can be used for any amount of bail as long as the person can afford to pay the 10% fee in exchange for the bail bondsman’s service. Usually when conducting a bail bond in this manner, the defendant, a co-signer, a bail bondsman and a judge or court are involved with the process. A co-signer must be present because they help acknowledge that the defendant will show up to his or her future court dates as scheduled.

If the defendant fails to meet their obligations by not showing up to court, a warrant will be issued for their arrest and the cosigner will be responsible for paying a lot more money. They may even have to aid the bail bonds company in finding the defendant. A cosigner must be made aware of all obligations prior to signing the bail bond contract to ensure they are knowledgeable about what they are getting into and what they may be responsible for.  

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Updated: 01/05/2011