Bail Bonds – Release from the Martinez Jail

If you have a loved one in California that was possibly visiting, passing through, or who might even live in the area and they’ve landed themselves in the Martinez Jail, it’s quite possible you’re looking for an exceptional bail bond company to get them out safely.

The first issue that most people must consider is whether or not they can financially afford to pay for the loved one or friend to be bailed out. Typically, a bail is set very high and not at a reasonable amount, thus people will generally hire a bail bonds company to help. Not only does the bail factor help in determining this, but also the jail system can seem quite foreign to a person not from the area or someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in this field to begin with. Hiring an expert bail bond company gives you both confidence in the handling of this situation and a release from stress that the financial obligation can bring.

Bail bond companies are there to ease this stressful and financial strain on most families. Bail bonds can be viewed similarly to a damage deposit, as in the full amount won’t be cashed unless the defendant does not meet their obligations. When using a bail bond, instead of paying the full amount of bail, you’ll be charged a 10% fee of the overall bail in exchange for the services the bail bonds company will provide. This service fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable as it is regulated by the California Department of Insurance.

The 10% fee seems to be a lot more reasonable to pay, verses the entire bail amount, when getting someone out of jail safely.

After you’ve hired a bail bondsman and completed the necessary paperwork, the bail bondsman will take that paperwork and post the bail at the court, sheriff or police department, or the jail where the defendant is being held. A word to the wise, if the bail bond company you hire is legitimate and legal and provides a great service to you and your family, keep in mind that they are typically available 24/7 to help you during your urgent time of need.

Some bail bond companies may require that you also use collateral to secure the bail bond. It’s important that you ask this up front so you know what is expected of you and so there are no surprises along the way. Collateral can come in many different forms, but comes quite commonly in forms of bonds, stocks, real estate, expensive jewelry or other highly valuable materials. Collateral secures the bail bond in the case that if the defendant does not show up to court as scheduled, there will be something to pay in lieu of his or her absence. If the defendant does do as expected and shows up for their scheduled court date, the collateral will be returned to its rightful owner.

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Updated: 01/05/2011