Martinez Jail Bail Bonds

How to Hire an Expert Bondsman

A bail bondsman can provide a safe and secure way of getting someone out of Martinez jail in a timely manner so that the defendant does not have to wait in jail until their scheduled court date. In some situations, a person may post their own bail to get themselves out of jail. However, in most cases in Contra Costa County, and throughout California, bail is set at a high amount (in excess of $10,000). In such cases, a bail bondsman can ease some of the financial stress by providing services.

Those looking for Martinez jail bail bonds should expect to pay a 10% fee of the overall bail amount to issue a bail bond and to use their service.

Many different bail bondsmen offer services in Martinez. However, some companies in the Martinez jail area may offer different services. Bail bond companies may require different obligations from their clients. These reasons are why it is crucial for you to know what type of bail bondsman you are hiring and why you should figure out if they are experts. 

A Licensed Professional

The first step in getting out of the Martinez jail is hiring a responsible bail bondsman and making sure they are licensed. In California, a bondsman is licensed by the Department of Insurance. Bondsmen are not legally allowed to work without this license. 

Also important to figure out up front is the reputation of the bail bond company you are seeking. A bail bond company that has high quality bail client recommendations or has great references should be put as a priority on your list.

Experience at Martinez Jail

Another key factor to determining a great bail bonds company is their experience. A bondsman for the Martinez jail who has a lengthy and excellent reputation, as well as the expertise, reliability and availability should be given serious consideration.

The more experienced a company with the Contra Costa jail system, the more likely they will be able to offer you in terms of services. An experienced bail bonds company will know the jail and court systems better and will have the knowledge to explain the full bail process.

Cost & Payment

Lastly, a major factor you should inquire about is bail payment methods, plans and if collateral is necessary. Sometimes, even with the help from a bail bonds company, the price is still quite expensive; therefore, knowing your options up front is very important. Some bail bond companies will offer payment plans and accept a variety of payment methods.

The other area of consideration is collateral. It is a big commitment and obligation if the bail bonds companies you are seeking requires some form of collateral. Generally, collateral on a bond will be in the form of a home. Be sure you know what your options are from the beginning. If you are not willing to put your home up as collateral, look for a bondsman who offers no collateral bail bonds.

All of these elements should be considered when hiring a bail bondsman for a Martinez jail bail bond. If you need help now, or have questions about Martinez Jail or bail bonds in general, please contact Tonya Page Bail Bonds immediately: 1-877-861-3761.



Updated: 02/14/2011