Martinez Jail: Bail Bond Assistance

If you’ve found that your loved one or friend is stuck in the Martinez Jail and you’re looking for a way out, you’ll probably need to know about California bail bonds companies.

The very first step in getting your friend or loved one out of the Martinez jail is to understand how bail works and the amounts set. Most of the time, people see the bail setting as an insurmountable amount too high to pay by themselves, or out of their own pocket. Additionally, the jail and/or court systems can be quite intimidating and you need a bail bond company who is very familiar with all the processes. In this case, hiring a bail bond company can make the entire process go much smoother and be less stressful.

A bail bond can be compared somewhat to a check, in the way that it’s not cashed unless the defendant’s obligations are not fully met. The obligation in this case is that the defendant must show up to his or her court dates as scheduled, otherwise they will be in a huge mess, financially and legally. If you choose to pay the bail yourself, all this money will be forfeited to the court if the defendant does not show up for their court date. However, if they do show up, the money will be returned promptly. 

The fee that is required by the bail bond company in California is 10% of the overall bail amount. If the defendant’s bail is set at $10,000 for example, the bail fee would be $1,000. This fee is in exchange for the use of the bail bondsman’s services and bail bond. The 10% fee is non-negotiable, non-returnable and regulated by the California Department of Insurance.

Most bail bond companies are able to post bail in a number of different judicial systems such as police departments, sheriff’s departments, courts and jail systems. If they are a superb bail bonds company, they most likely will be available to you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, including all holidays.

Some bail bond companies may require that you use collateral to secure your bail bond. It’s important to know up front if this is necessary as collateral is a big deal. Collateral comes in many different forms but all of substantial monetary value. It can be real estate, property, bonds, stocks or jewelry.

If collateral is required and the defendant meets all of their obligations, the collateral will be returned at the closing of the defendant’s case.

If you need help with getting out of the Martinez Jail quickly and safely, remember to use a bail bonds company, and an expert one at that.

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Updated: 01/05/2011