All About Martinez Jail Bail Bonds

When someone is accused of committing a crime in Contra Costa County, most likely they are arrested and taken to the Martinez Jail for booking and processing. Before they can be released to await court appearances, they must post bail either through a friend or by hiring a bail bonds company.

There are many questions that come up when needing to hire a professional bondsman and the answers provided here may help you if you are looking for bail bonds at the Martinez Jail.

What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail bonds are contracts that assist an individual in getting released from jail so they don’t have to remain in custody while they await their scheduled court dates. When the bail bond is posted, the defendant is released from jail. However, they must adhere to all bail bond contractual agreements and most importantly must show up for court .

Where Do You Get a Bail Bond for Martinez?

If you know of someone who needs bail in Martinez, you will want to contact a reputable bail bonds company. Bondsmen are readily available online and specific services vary from company to company.

All bail bonds companies located in the state of California must be properly licensed in order to conduct legal business. You will want to check licensing credentials of the company you’re interested in hiring through the California Department of Insurance.  

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

Depending on how much the defendant’s bail is ultimately determines the bail bond cost. Bondsmen in the state of California charge a 10% fee of the overall bail amount. This fee is non-returnable, non-negotiable and regulated by the California Department of Insurance.  The 10% fee is for use of the bail bondsman’s services.

Any bondsman offering services at the Martinez Jail should charge the same amount. You should be aware that some bondsmen accept only cash and require collateral. Others will accept credit cards and may offer payment plans with no collateral options. Be sure to ask for what you need.

What Does A Bondsman Do?

A legitimate and legal bail bondsman should provide the following:

  • Copies of all documents signed
  • Receipts for all monies
  • Information regarding bond status and inmate status
  • Promptly return of collateral (if used) upon the closing of the case
  • Availability twenty-four hours a day, 7-days a week, including holidays and weekends
  • Expertise and guidance
  • All of your questions answered in an efficient and timely manner
  • The ability to meet with you at a convenient location of your choosing
  • Clear FAQs and guidelines placed predominately on their web site
  • Easy access and contact information

The bail company should be a liaison for you with the jail. Bail often takes a significant amount of communication with the jail. The bondsman should be able to make that easy by taking responsibility for all communications with the jailer.

The bondsman will provide you with contract and payment agreements. This is for your protection.

After payment and contracts have been arranged, the bondsman will “post” a bond, which is simply a paper agreement for the court, with the jailer.

Again, waiting is expected for the defendant to be released. All of the time involved is at the mercy of the jail. At the Martinez Jail, safety is the number one concern. The process cannot be rushed. However, your bondsman should make you at ease with their knowledge of the system and communication to you about how things are progressing.

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Updated: 02/09/2011