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Knowing that your friend or loved one has been taken into custody by a Contra Costa law enforcement officer can be quite stressful and overwhelming. It’s important to know that most likely they will be transported to the Martinez Jail for booking and processing.

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Martinez Detention Facility Information

Martinez Detention Facility
1000 Ward Street
Martinez, CA 94553
Phone: 925-646-4494 

The Martinez Detention Facility first opened in 1981 and since then has become a leading model for future jail facilities. People travel from all over the world to study this jail center. Martinez Jail facility has a capacity of 665 with a daily population of an estimated 700 detainees. Martinez jail facility typically holds detainees that have been pre-sentenced, sentenced or are awaiting trial.

Rules for Visiting the Martinez Jail:

  • Visitors must be 18 or older. Those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.
  • It is the responsibility of the detainee to coordinate / schedule all visitors
  • Visitors must be timely or their privilege may be terminated
  • Visitors are limited to a total of three
  • Modest clothing must be worn. No revealing clothing will be allowed.

Bail Bond Costs

According to laws put into place by the state of California, the bail bond fee is 10% of the total cost. For example, if the bail is set at $20,000, the bail bonds fee is 10% of that which would be $2,000. The $2,000 bail bond fee is what you will pay to the bail bondsman verses the total $20,000. Tonya Page Bail Bonds is a very ethical and professional business; we are totally against any hidden fees and discounted bail bond rates. In the event that you contact a bail bonds company, and they offer you a significantly discounted or higher rate, this is unethical and potentially illegal. If they are doing this in the beginning of the bail bond process, it is difficult to know what to expect from them down the road.

Programs Available at the Martinez Jail

Sentenced inmates at the Martinez Detention facility that do not have a high school diploma are able to obtain their G.E.D. through the jail. They are also offered independent study programs. Inmates that are staying there are also offered Library services, Legal services, Full-time Chaplains, and Friends outside services, which are to help locate friends and family of the inmate.

Alternative Custody Programs:

Those sentenced to stay in the Martinez jail facility are also given the option for other custody arrangements such as;

  • Work Alternative Program
  • Home Detention Program
  • County Parole

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