What to Expect During the Arrest and Booking Process

Bondsman MargieHow Bail Bonds Work

When someone is arrested by a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, they will be handcuffed, read their Miranda Rights and placed into the back of the squad car. In most cases, the defendant will be transported to one of the LAPD jails to be booked and processed. If the defendant has an underlying medical issue, or if they are on medication, they may be taken directly to the Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

Once the defendant arrives at the jail, they will be photographed, interviewed and fingerprinted. The booking process will take between four and six hours to complete after the defendant’s fingerprints are taken. The reason this takes so long is because the fingerprints are run through a national database to determine whether the defendant has any outstanding warrants.  Once the warrant check is complete, then, and only then, will a defendant be allowed to post bail bonds.

After the bail bonds are posted, the release time will depend on the jail the defendant is being held at. Release times can span from 30 minutes to 6 hours depending on the size of the jail and how busy the facility is.

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