Two Questions to Ask Your Bondsman

Bondsman MargieLos Angeles Jails

If you’ve never needed to hire a bail bondsman before, you probably don’t have much understanding of how the process works. When you open the Yellow Pages, or if you do an internet search, you’ll find dozens of listings for Los Angeles bail bonds companies.

When you start calling around, you’ll want to ask the bondsman two specific questions.

First, ask them how fast they can get to the jail. Just because a bail bondsman in Los Angeles answers the phone 24-hours a day that doesn’t mean they can post bail bonds 24-hours a day.  You want to make sure you work with a LA bail bonds company that can help you right away.

Second, ask them how much experience they have. An experienced bondsman in LA will be far less likely to make mistakes than someone who is new on the job. Mistakes can extend the defendant’s release from jail by several hours.

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Photo credit:  Fotolia