Things to Remember if a Defendant Calls You from Jail

Bondsman MargieHow Bail Bonds Work

If you happen to find yourself on the receiving end of an outbound jail call, you’ll want to do your best to remain calm.

The first thing you’ll want to do involves grabbing a pen and piece of paper. Ask the defendant to provide you with the basics. Find out when they were arrested, which jail they are being held at, what they have been charged with and how much their bail is.

Second, you’ll want to keep in mind that all outbound jail phone calls are recorded, and those recordings could be used against the defendant in court. As such, it’s best not to ask the defendant to provide a lot of details about what happened when they were arrested. You can get that information from them after they get out of jail.

Lastly, ask if there is anyone they need you to contact. Do they have small children that need to be picked up from school? Do they need you to call them off work? Make sure they know you’ll contact a bondsman right away and you’ll work to make sure they get out of jail as quickly as possible.

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