Santa Monica Police Says Property Crime Rates Remain High

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A spokesperson for the Santa Monica Police Department has confirmed that property crime rates in the city are the highest of similar-sized cities in the state.

In 2016, residents experienced more than 4,000 instances of property crime; in contrast, the city of Compton experienced just over 2,500 property crimes, while the city of Santa Barbara experienced just over 3,500 property crimes.

Officers have said the most recent data shows that property crime rates in Santa Monica have risen by 5.35 percent, year-over-year.  An uptick in theft and larceny crimes helped push the crime rate upward.

Community activists say they’re concerned that the higher crime rates are not only harming local neighborhoods, but that it could have a negative impact on tourism.

Some speculate that the uptick in thefts, vehicular burglaries, residential burglaries and larcenies could be tied to Prop 27; Prop 47 was passed by voters in Nov. 2014 and it moved to re-classify certain theft and drug possession crimes from felonies to misdemeanor offenses.

Original article: Santa Monica Number One in Property Crime Among California Cities of Similar Size

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