Eligibility Requirements for Bail Bonds Payment Plans

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My sister was arrested a few hours ago on some old felony charges and she’s being held at the Van Nuys Jail. Her bail has been set at $26,000, so it sounds like the fee is going to be $2,600.  Right now, the only people she has to help are me and her 19-year-old daughter. My credit isn’t great so … Read More

Am I Eligible for $0 Down Bail Bonds?

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My wife was arrested last night on felony DUI charges and her bail was set at $100,000. I’ve been looking around on the internet and I’ve seen a bunch of ads for zero-down bail bonds. How can I find out if I’m eligible for that?  Money is a little bit tight right now because of the holidays.

How is Bail Set in California?

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My son and daughter-in-law were arrested last night while they were driving in the car with their infant son.  My son’s bail was set at $100,000, but his wife’s bail was only set at $40,000. Was his bail higher because he’s a man? Did the jail give her a break because she’s a stay-at-home mom? We’re trying to figure out … Read More

Can I Revoke a Bail Bond That I Cosigned For?

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A few months back, I cosigned on a bail bond for my now ex-boyfriend. He still owes $2,000 but he’s not making the payments. The bail bonds people are saying that if he’s not paying, I’ll need to pay, and my ex isn’t returning my calls. Can I have his bond revoked? I don’t feel like dealing with this anymore. … Read More

Will We Get our Bail Bonds Money Back if the Defendant is Innocent?

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Our son was arrested late last night for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s being held at the Van Nuys Jail on $50,000 bail. We’ve already talked to a defense attorney and we’re pretty sure the case will be dropped because our son is innocent, and he didn’t do what the police are accusing him of. 

How do I Know if I Should Cosign for Bail Bonds?

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My friend was arrested last night and her bail is $100,000. She’s completely estranged from all of her family, so she doesn’t have anyone who can help her out. She swears she’ll go to court and pay me back and I sort of feel bad for her. We’ve only known each other for a few weeks but I don’t want … Read More

How do I Start the Bail Bonds Process?

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If you’ve learned that someone you care for has been arrested and booked into one of the California jails, you’ll want to contact a local bondsman as quickly as possible. If you’re like most people, you’ve never needed to help get someone out of jail before and the idea of needing to hire a bail bonds agent can feel overwhelming. … Read More