Why Can’t I Cosign for my Boyfriend’s Bail Bonds?

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My boyfriend was arrested this morning for carjacking and I want to get him out of jail. He really doesn’t have any family, so I’m all he has. His bail is $100,000 and we both have steady jobs. I have $400 that I can give for a down payment today and we can both make weekly payments. My problem

Free Quotes for Los Angeles Bail Bonds Payment Plans

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When someone is arrested by a member of the Los Angeles Police Department or the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, you’ll want to contact an experienced LA bail bonds company as soon as you learn of the arrest. Not only can the Los Angeles bondsman help you determine which jail your friend or loved one has been taken to, they can … Read More

Honest Bail Bonds Service for All California Jails

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The idea that you need to hire a California bail bonds agent can be frightening. Most people have little to no exposure to the bail bonds industry and the only things they know about bail bonds come from what they’ve seen on TV. Contrary to popular belief, bail bonds agents are not the burly biker guys with long beards who … Read More

Fastest Bail Bonds in Solano County

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The idea that a friend or family member has been picked up by the Fairfield Police Department, the Vacaville Police Department, Dixon Police Department or the Solano County Sheriff’s Department, can have you feeling as if you’ve swallowed a brick. We understand that your number one priority is getting the defendant out of the Fairfield Jail fast. At Family Bail … Read More

No Collateral Bail Bonds in Orange County, CA

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If you’ve never been asked to help get someone out of the Theo Lacy Jail, the Orange County Women’s Jail or the Orange County Main Jail you probably have very little understanding of how Orange County bail bonds work. Simply stated, a bail bond is a piece of paper that’s posted with the jail and the bail bond serves as … Read More

Affordable Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

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When someone is arrested and booked into one of the LAPD jails or the LASD jails, you’ll want to contact a reputable Los Angeles bail bonds agent right away. When people call our office, one of the first things they ask about is cost. Bail amounts in Los Angeles are often set in the tens of thousands of dollars, and … Read More

Things to Remember if a Defendant Calls You from Jail

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If you happen to find yourself on the receiving end of an outbound jail call, you’ll want to do your best to remain calm. The first thing you’ll want to do involves grabbing a pen and piece of paper. Ask the defendant to provide you with the basics. Find out when they were arrested, which jail they are being held … Read More

Two Things to Consider Before Cosigning Bail Bonds

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If you’ve been asked to cosign for bail bonds, you’ll want to know that when you sign, you’re taking on full legal responsibility that the defendant will go to court and finish their case. If the defendant decides to make a run for it because they’re wanting to evade prosecution, you could find yourself on the hook to pay their … Read More

Tips for Expediting the Bail Bonds Process

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If you’ve been asked to help arrange bail bonds for a friend, loved one, roommate or spouse, it’s natural to want to have their bail bonds posted as quickly as possible. Below is a quick list of things you can do to help expedite the process. First, find out the basic details of the arrest. When was the defendant arrested, … Read More

Two Tips for Bailing Someone Out of Jail Fast

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If you’ve received a call from a friend or family member who has been arrested, you’ll want to follow these three tips to help ensure your loved one gets out of jail fast. First, there is no need for you to go to the jail. Many people think they’ll need to go to the jail to get the bail bonds … Read More