My Sister’s Bail is $25k, Will the Bondsman Accept Payments on That?

Bondsman MargieAsk the Bondsman

My sister was arrested last night and I have no idea how any of this works. All I know is that she’s being held at the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station Jail on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge and her bail has been set at $25,000. I was told the cost to hire a bondsman will be 10%, but will we still need to make payments on the rest? I’m so confused.

In the state of California, the cost to purchase bail bonds will be 10% of the total bail amount, so in this case, the bondsman’s fee would be $2,500. As long as you sister goes to court and finishes her case, you won’t need to pay your bondsman any additional money. On the other hand, if your sister goes off the grid and completely disappears, because she’s trying to evade prosecution, you and the bondsman will have up to a year to get her back into the system. If you fail, $25,000 will become due to the court as a penalty. We understand the bail bonds process can be confusing for people who have never needed to hire a bondsman before. If you have additional questions, call our office now at 888-224-5266 to speak with a bondsman in your area.

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