How Long Does the Bail Bonds Application Take?

Bondsman MargieAsk the Bondsman

I’ve never needed to do anything like this before.  My daughter got arrested at LAX after the TSA person found brass knuckles in her carry-on suitcase. (She borrowed that from a friend, she had no idea they were in there.)  She’s been taken to the LAPD Metro Jail and we obviously want to get her out as fast as possible. How long will the bail bonds application take?

The bail bonds application can be completed over the phone in a matter of minutes, however, the jail will not allow any LA bail bonds agent to post bail bonds for your daughter until she’s booked and processed into the system. The booking process at the LA County jails generally takes between 4 and 6 hours to complete (you can think of the jails in the same way you think of the DMV, things just don’t move quickly down there). Once the booking is done, we can post her bond and she should be released within about 90 minutes.  For more information on how Los Angeles bail bonds work, call our office now at 888-224-5266.

Photo credit: Fotolia