How do I Know Which Bondsman to Call?

Bondsman MargieAsk the Bondsman

Our son was arrested about 30 minutes ago and my head is spinning.  We know he’s being taken to the Van Nuys Jail and the arresting officer said his bail would be set at $30,000. He also recommended contacting a LA bondsman to help post our son’s bail. I’ve been looking online and it seems like there are a million different companies that offer Los Angeles bail bonds. How do I know who to call?

When you contact a bondsman, you’ll want to get a sense of two things. One, do they genuinely seem to care about what your family is going through and two, do you get the sense you can trust them to guide you through this tough time? In the state of California all bail bonds companies are required to charge the same, 10% fee, but that’s not to say that all companies provide the same level of service. If you have further questions about how Van Nuys bail bonds work, call our office now at 888-224-5266 to speak with a licensed bondsman in your area.

Photo credit: Fotolia