No Collateral Bail Bonds in Orange County, CA

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If you’ve never been asked to help get someone out of the Theo Lacy Jail, the Orange County Women’s Jail or the Orange County Main Jail you probably have very little understanding of how Orange County bail bonds work. Simply stated, a bail bond is a piece of paper that’s posted with the jail and the bail bond serves as … Read More

New Year’s Eve Bail Bonds in Orange County

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When someone is arrested and taken to one of the Orange County Jails, the first thing you should do is to contact a local bail bondsman. Our company provides Orange County bail bonds services for all of the local jails including the Orange County Main Jail, the Orange County Women’s Jail, the Laguna Beach Jail, the Newport Beach Jail and … Read More

Memorial Day Bail Bonds In Orange County

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When someone is arrested during the Memorial Day holiday, this places an enormous amount of stress on their friends and family members. If someone you know has been arrested in Orange County, California and they have been taken to one of the Orange County jails, the good news is that our company can help you with holiday bonds right away. … Read More

Arrest And Booking Process At The Newport Beach Jail

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When someone is arrested in Newport Beach, they will be informed that they have the right to remain silent and the right to consult with an attorney.  The arresting office will also handcuff the defendant and place them in the back of the police car so they can be transported to the Newport Beach Jail for booking. When they arrive … Read More

Tips For Avoiding Identity Theft

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Statistics show that each year, more than 15 million people fall victim to identity theft, and for as many people that are arrested on identity theft charges, there are countless others who continue to fly under the radar. Law enforcement agencies throughout the US agree the sophistication of the criminals who commit these crimes is advancing every day. This, according … Read More

The Sociopath Next Door

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Orange County’s death row When most people think of Orange County, California, upper middle class communities, scenic coastlines and in some cases, of a couple rather colorful reality TV series may come to mind. What people don’t realize is that SoCal community is home to some of the state’s most notorious criminals. Recent statistics show Orange County Jails house the … Read More

Orange County Jail Still Under Fire Over Inmate Informants

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Two sides of the coin County prosecutors say the use of inmate informants is helping them prosecute crimes and close cases, but Orange County defense attorneys see the situation from a very different perspective. They feel this type of intelligence gathering is a flagrant violation of their clients constitutional rights. The inmate informant program has

Jail Outsourcing Considered for Newport Beach

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The option of outsourcing the operation of the city jail is reportedly one being seriously considered by officials from Newport Beach. Bids have been requested from private companies that could oversee the running of the small city jail. The 27-bed facility in Newport Beach currently costs the city nearly $1 million to operate every year. By outsourcing to a private … Read More

Chief of San Clemente Police Services Named

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San Clemente City Manager George Scarborough has announced a new Chief of Police Services has been appointed.   Lt. John Coppok will take the reins effective March 23.  His promotion was made public earlier this week. Coppok is a 26-year veteran of law enforcement and has spent the past seven years with the San Clemente Police Department.  His career highlights include … Read More