Serial Killer Attacked By LA Mob #TBT

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Throw back to this week 1985:  the Night Stalker was tracked down and attacked by an angry Los Angeles mob. That man, Richard Ramirez had been identified as the serial killer and his photo has been broadcast throughout the local media. Throughout the summer Ramirez had been

Smells Like A Scam: LAPD Says Conartists Have A New Scheme

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If you receive a call from someone who pretends to work for a utility company and they’re wanting you to pay a past due bill with a pre-paid debit card- the LAPD says this should be a big red flag. Phone scammers have long used this type of rouse- sometimes they claim to be a member of law enforcement, saying … Read More

America’s Most Wanted In Custody at LAX

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Los Angeles streets are a little bit safer today, now that one of America’s Most Wanted criminals is back behind bars. Kenneth Grant was tracked down by the US Marshals earlier this week and authorities say he’s facing 23 serious felonies. The fugitive was first arrested in mid-2010 and the court outfitted him with  an electronic GPS device so they … Read More

Major 4th Of July Crackdown To Take Place On Illegal Fireworks

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Law enforcement agencies from all over Southern California are warning people of the dangers of illegal fireworks. Sure, everyone has heard the stories about adults and children getting injured, but in the current drought and fire season, setting explosive things on fire can set houses, yards and acres of lands ablaze. Fire officials in San Bernardino have said they’ve

Tips For Drivers Pulled Over On Suspicion Of Being Stoned

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man making joint and a stash of marijuana in the car

Some have joked the best way to check for stoned drivers involved dangling a bag of Cheetos outside the driver’s side window – if the suspect lunged for the bag, they have likely been smoking pot. But the Los Angeles Police Department recently announced they are rolling out a swab test that is able to test for up to seven different … Read More

Witness Says Captain of Men’s Central Jail Encouraged Brutality

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Michael Bornman, former lieutenant at Los Angeles County’s Men’s Central Jail testified that Captain Daniel Cruz created a culture of brutality inside the jail by allowing deputies to use excessive force and then protecting them. It was alleged that, at the department’s 2009 Christmas party, Capt. Cruz said in a toast to his deputies: “What do I always tell you … Read More

Jails Focus On Expansion, Not Reduction

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A recent report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of California found that the county jails are focusing more on expansions than reducing inmate populations. According to language within the report, expansion plans have “explicitly allocated between 16 and 18 percent of their realignment funds to increase jail capacity”.   The Huffington Post further pointed out that plans for “evidence-based … Read More

Burbank Jail Renovations Complete

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For almost a year, Burbank has had to share the Glendale jail while its own underwent renovations. At last, the finishing touches have been made and the Burbank Jail is now ready to open its doors and accept inmates. Transporting Burbank arrestees to the Glendale jail added at least 45 minutes to the process for police officers. This would increase … Read More

LA Jail Oversight Commission Now Running

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A seven-member jail oversight whose job it is to investigate claims of inmate abuse and employee misconduct is now up and running. The committee members consist of a jail safety expert, a police chief, four retired judges and a pastor. Controversy within the Los Angeles County jails has been making headlines for most of 2011. The L.A. Times has reported … Read More

California Jail Realignment Dips Prisoner Population

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Since the Oct. 1 implementation of the California jail realignment program, reportedly approximately 8,000 fewer incarcerates are being housed in California prisons. Many jails, however, are still detaining more than twice the capacity of inmates they were designed for.  At current, California is housing approximately 135,000 inmates.  Although this is a marked reduction from the 173,000 inmates being detained in … Read More