Two Things to Know About Posting Bail Bonds at the Van Nuys Jail

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If you need help getting a friend or family member out of the Van Nuys Jail, you’ll want to keep the following things in mind. First, the defendant’s bail amount will be set based on the nature and severity of the crime they have been accused of. A person who has been accused of attempted armed robbery will

Two Questions to Ask Your Bondsman

Bondsman MargieLos Angeles Jails

If you’ve never needed to hire a bail bondsman before, you probably don’t have much understanding of how the process works. When you open the Yellow Pages, or if you do an internet search, you’ll find dozens of listings for Los Angeles bail bonds companies. When you start calling around, you’ll want to ask the bondsman two specific questions. First, … Read More

Free Quotes for Los Angeles Bail Bonds Payment Plans

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When someone is arrested by a member of the Los Angeles Police Department or the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, you’ll want to contact an experienced LA bail bonds company as soon as you learn of the arrest. Not only can the Los Angeles bondsman help you determine which jail your friend or loved one has been taken to, they can … Read More

No Collateral Bail Bonds in Orange County, CA

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If you’ve never been asked to help get someone out of the Theo Lacy Jail, the Orange County Women’s Jail or the Orange County Main Jail you probably have very little understanding of how Orange County bail bonds work. Simply stated, a bail bond is a piece of paper that’s posted with the jail and the bail bond serves as … Read More

Affordable Bail Bonds in Los Angeles

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When someone is arrested and booked into one of the LAPD jails or the LASD jails, you’ll want to contact a reputable Los Angeles bail bonds agent right away. When people call our office, one of the first things they ask about is cost. Bail amounts in Los Angeles are often set in the tens of thousands of dollars, and … Read More

New Year’s Eve Bail Bonds in Orange County

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When someone is arrested and taken to one of the Orange County Jails, the first thing you should do is to contact a local bail bondsman. Our company provides Orange County bail bonds services for all of the local jails including the Orange County Main Jail, the Orange County Women’s Jail, the Laguna Beach Jail, the Newport Beach Jail and … Read More

Suspect Caught with Counterfeit Cash, Drugs, Gets Free Trip to Ventura County Jail

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A representative from the Ventura County Jail has confirmed that a 37-year-old man was booked at the county lockup on drug possession, forgery and firearms charges. The incident began when the police pulled the man over, authorities said, and it wasn’t long before officers discovered the man was transporting heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine in his vehicle. They also found drug … Read More

Santa Monica Police Says Property Crime Rates Remain High

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A spokesperson for the Santa Monica Police Department has confirmed that property crime rates in the city are the highest of similar-sized cities in the state. In 2016, residents experienced more than 4,000 instances of property crime; in contrast, the city of Compton experienced just over 2,500 property crimes, while the city of Santa Barbara experienced just over 3,500 property … Read More

SDPD: Thieves Tried to Steal ATM Using Construction Equipment

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Thieves tried to steal an ATM machine from an Allied Gardens-based bank. The incident happened in late-October, investigators said, and while the thieves were successful in stealing a “skip-loader” from a nearby construction site, they were not successful in making off with the ATM. It was ripped from the drive through lane, officers said, but the skip-loader dropped the machine … Read More

Facts About Posting Bail Bonds On Weekends

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Our friend was arrested last night and we want to get him out of jail, but someone told us that bail bonds companies don’t work on weekends.  Is that true? Will he be stuck in jail until Monday morning? Whoever told you that is wrong.  Bail bonds can be posted 24-hours a day, 365-day a year, weekends and holidays included.  … Read More