Is There a Difference in Cost for Misdemeanor and Felony Bail Bonds?

Bondsman MargieHow Bail Bonds Work

Q. I just found out my boyfriend was arrested on misdemeanor charges. I want to get him out of jail and I was wondering if I’ll be able to get some sort of bail bonds discount since it’s a misdemeanor, and not a felony charge.

A.  The best answer to this question is “yes and no.” We’ll start with the “no” portion. The California bail bonds industry is regulated by the CA Department of Insurance and the DOI, not individual company owners, sets the rate at which bail bonds companies are to charge their clients. This rate is 10%; it doesn’t matter if the defendant was arrested in a big city, small town or if they’ve been arrested on misdemeanor versus felony charges. The rate to purchase bail bonds will be the same.

On the other hand, yes, you can expect to pay less for misdemeanor bail bonds because misdemeanor charges are generally associated with lesser bail amounts than felony offenses. So while there aren’t any special discounts available, you can generally expect that misdemeanor bail bonds fees will be less than felony bail bonds fees.

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