Bail Bonds Facts: The Bail Industry Does Not Promote Increased Bail Amounts

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Myth:  The Increase In Bail Amounts Is Influenced By The Bail Industry

JPI claims that the American Legislative Exchange Council has partnered with the American Bail Association in order to promote harmful bail legislation. It says that while the number of defendants released on bail bond has risen from 25 to 42 percent between 1994 and 2004 and that those released without financial conditions decreased from 41 percent to 25. They think that this is due to the alignment between ALEC and ABC pushing for reduced regulation of the industry and increases in bail amounts and reducing funding for Pretrial Release Services programs.

Truth:  Bail Increase Is A Decision Made By A Judge

The truth is that the ABC and ALEC do not push for bail increases. Those decisions are made by judges and are not influenced by the bail industry. Bond agents also do not push for higher bail amounts because that would only make it more difficult for defendants to afford a bail bond. Many politicians are dissatisfied with the ineffective pretrial release programs and the costs associated with them and it is they who make the decisions on what funding should and should not be given to them.