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Below you will find advertising laws and regulations for internet advertising, fictitious names and more. The following California Bail Bond Advertising regulations and laws are taken from Title 10, Article 2 of the California Code of Regulations and the California Insurance Code (sections relevant to the undertaking of bail). Tonya Page Bail Bonds is not responsible for omissions or errors, for further clarification, please visit my online privacy policy statement.

Advertising of fictitious names Title 10 2066.5
Advertising; internet; transact Insurance 1726
Advertising; unauthorized Insurance 1800.75
Fictitious names; advertising Title 10 2066.5
Internet; advertise; transact Insurance 1726

Advertising of fictitious names

Title 10 2066.5
See also Business Operations

2066.5. Advertising of Fictitious Names
All advertising or telephone listings in the yellow pages of telephone directories shall contain the true name of the licensee(s) who owns it with equal prominence with that of the fictitious name, so that there will be no indication that another separate business exists when in fact, the ownership is the same.

Advertising; internet; transact

Insurance              1726

(a) A person who is licensed in this state as an insurance agent or broker, advertises insurance on the Internet, and transacts insurance in this state, shall identify all of the following information on the Internet, regardless of whether the insurance agent or broker maintains his or her Internet presence or if the presence is maintained on his or her behalf: (1) His or her name as it appears on his or her insurance license, and any fictitious name approved by the commissioner. (2) The state of his or her domicile and principal place of business. (3) His or her license number. (b) A person shall be deemed to be transacting insurance in this state when the person advertises on the Internet, regardless of whether the insurance agent or broker maintains his or her Internet presence or if it is maintained on his or her behalf, and does any of the following: (1) Provides an insurance premium quote to a California resident. (2) Accepts an application for coverage from a California resident. (3) Communicates with a California resident regarding one or more terms of an agreement to provide insurance or an insurance policy.

Advertising; unauthorized

Insurance              1800.75
See also Unlawful or Prohibited

No person shall advertise or hold himself out as engaging in the business of executing, delivering, or furnishing bail bonds or undertakings of bail whether or not for consideration without holding at the time thereof all proper licenses required by this chapter.

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