Bail Collateral Refund?

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Bail Collateral Refund?

Here is another one of our answers to a bail bonds related question from Yahoo! Answers.  This answer was chosen as Best Answer by Voters.

Question:  I was the co-signer with someone to help bail a friend out of jail.  I was the one who paid the bail bond fee along with a security deposit that was to be refunded.  I was told  that we would get it back by a certain amount of time.  Who would receive the refund, myself or the main signer?

Answer:  If you placed a “security deposit” on a bail bond, it sounds like you used collateral  in the form of either cash, check, or credit card.  If that is the case, the collateral money that was  used will not be returned until the case is complete and all court appearances have been satisfied by the defendant.

Upon completion of the case, collateral will be returned by the bondsman to whomever placed it.

Tying up money and/or property for bail can be a real hardship. Next time you may want to look for a bondsman that offers no collateral bail bonds.

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