Bail Bonds for Glenn Dyer Jail

Glenn Dyer Jail Information

Glenn Dyer Detention Facility
550 – 6th Street
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 268-7777

The Glenn E. Dyer Detention facility holds up to 700 inmates and is the second largest in the county.

It is part of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and operates as a full service law enforcement agency. Their personnel consist of over 1000 sworn employees and more than 1500 authorized positions. Sheriff Gregory J. Ahern is the agency’s Chief Executive Officer.

Glenn Dyer Arrest and Booking Information

In Alameda County, the Glenn Dyer Jail and Santa Rita Jail are the primary jail facilities.

During the booking process, the detainee is subjected to fingerprinting, a background check for any outstanding warrants, and official photographs to be used on his or her criminal record. This all takes place at the 7th Street intake center, and the process lasts up to several hours.

Situated at 550 6th Street in Oakland, the Glenn Dyer Jail is one of two primary jails used by the SFSD for county detainees. If the inmate is being released for whatever reason, they will have to be transported back to the 7th street facility first. Whether this is an official release or bail posted, their release back onto the streets will always be delayed by some time and you cannot rush the process.

More or less everything is routed through the main lobby at the Glenn Dyer Jail. If you need to drop off medical supplies, such as contact lens solution or dentures, the lobby is open twenty-four hours a day to receive them. Medications are all handled by the Prison Health Services, and bail may be posted through the lobby if not using a bond service.

How is Bail Set?

The bail amount is a matter for county government, not state, and the bail amounts stay fairly constant through each annual review. These amounts are selected by each county’s judge. While bail amounts do not rise much annually, California does have the highest bail amounts in the country.


The amount set depends on a mixture of factors. Public safety is the main concern, as the judge must determine if the accused is a threat to society, but a large factor in the cost is the likelihood that the accused will return to court to stand for trial. The severity of the alleged crime is another factor. A crime such as murder will carry a much larger amount than a crime like petty theft. Felonies are always more expensive than misdemeanors, and violent crimes generally more costly than non-violent crimes.


If you would like further information about a Glenn Dyer Jail bail bond, or other areas in California, please call to speak with a bondsman immediately at 1-877-861-3761.

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Updated 03/09/2015