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When you call a bail bondsman, you will likely be asked many questions.  Expect to be asked who you are and what is your relationship to the defendant.  If you sign a bail contract, you’re taking on the responsibility for the defendant to go to court.  The bondsman wants to know that you have a relationship with the arrestee and can vouch for the fact that they will appear in court.

One of the first questions you will likely be asked is "where is the defendant in jail and when were they arrested."  This is significant to the bail bondsman because most people are bailed out within the first several hours or the first day of arrest.  When someone has been in jail longer, we will want to be aware of any issues and potential risks. 

Additionally, the jail and time since arrest will give us an indication as to whether the individual has been processed and is ready to be bailed out. 

Some jails process arrestees quickly.  Others like the Men’s Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles may take 12 to 24 hours for processing. 

If you’re interested in pursuing the bail bond, we will ask how you plan to pay.  The cost is often a big factor for our clients because the bail amounts in California are high.  If you want to do the bond, we will work with you to suggest payment options including credit card and payment plan or additional co-signers when necessary.  We will be as creative as possible for the solution for you. 

We will always ask you if you have any additional questions when you work with us; we want to know that you fully understand the bail bond process and your responsibilities in signing a bail bond contract.

Please call me for more bail bond information or to bail someone out of jail: 1-877-861-3761.

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Updated: 05/04/2011

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"I wanted to thank you again for your help last night. My 'good for nothing' brother was home at 6am... even at 27 he's still my baby brother. I appreciate your professionalism and flexible payment policies. Thanks again, Eduardo"

- Eduardo in Los Angeles

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