Defendants Who Skip Bail in California

When someone doesn’t show up for their court appearance, we have six months to get them back into the legal system.  In the event that the person has skipped bail or becomes a flight risk, which basically means that someone close to the defendant has reason to believe that they are planning to skip bail, we contract with a bail recovery agent to bring the defendant back into custody.  We outsource this aspect of our business to a trained professional because it is a very highly, specialized area; and it is a small part of what we do. 

Fortunately we rarely have to take this step.  The majority of our cases work themselves out favorably.  Usually when the defendant fails to appear in court, he or she has some legitimate reason like car trouble, traffic or sudden illness.  The defendant’s attorney can contact the courts to get the legal proceedings back on track. 

When a defendant misses a court date, we will call the defendant and bond signer to find out what happened. If it was a simple mix-up, then the bail bond company can make new arrangements for the defendant to return to court. This is common and is no problem. Courts know that people get sick, get stuck in traffic and the like. If you or someone you bailed out is in this situation, please call us immediately so the situation can be addressed.

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Updated: 03/22/2010

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I can't thank you enough for making us feel like we had someone on our side from the very beginning. I greatly appreciated your advice based on your many years of experience in observing how felony cases are handled. All your staff have the qualities people need when they are in a stressful situation and don't really know what to do next. I also commend you for your philosophy of educating clients and the general public about the bail bond process as well as the jail system.

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