How Does Bail Work?

After a person has been arrested and booked on criminal charges, bail will be set.  The defendant then has the opportunity to get out of jail prior to arraignment and trial. 

The arrestee could opt to stay in jail and be taken before a judge which generally takes three business days.  This could mean arrested on a Thursday night means you don’t see a judge until Monday or Tuesday.  Most people opt to bail out of jail. 

The defendant may post the full amount of the bail with the court --generally in cash -- or they could make arrangements with a bail bondsman who will post the bail with the court in exchange for a fee. When a bond is purchased, the agent guarantees the appearance of the defendant in court. 

A bail bond is basically a contract between a licensed bail bondsman and the contract signer who is usually the defendant and/or his family and friends. 

After paperwork and payment have been arranged, the bail bondsman posts the bond with the jail then the defendant will be released and is free to return to their home, family and job.

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Updated: 08/13/2012

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