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Upon arrest when within San Francisco’s city limits, the inmate is usually booked and processed at the intake center at 425 7th Street, maintained by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department (SFSD). All eight of the county jails, not counting the 7th Street Intake and Release Center, are under the control of the SFSD who also provides security for several area hospitals and the courts.

After being arrested, the suspect is entered into the computer systems of the facility and begins the process of booking. That same information will go into national databases to provide a background check and update the suspect’s information. Booking typically includes fingerprinting, official photographs of the suspect, and interviews with detectives if required. Generally, this process only lasts a few hours.

Located at 850 Bryant Street, the Bryant Street Jail is one of the main facilities that prisoners may be transferred to after booking. It is not known exactly when a suspect will be released after paying the bail fees, but generally they are given access to a phone and transferred back to the 7th Street facility to be processed and set free.

If your loved one or friend is being detained at Bryant Street Jail, the second floor of the facility is open all day for you to post bail at. Visiting hours vary, a schedule being available on the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department’s website, and you can find more relevant information about the arrest process on this website.

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Do I Have To Use a Bondsman?

Bail bonds are an agreement between the loved ones, friends or associates of the detainee and the court in which you pay a fraction of your bail amount with the promise that you will attend court on your trial date.

While not necessary to post bail, a bondsman can help reduce the cost of bail by as much as 90%. In a time where you’re facing expensive legal fees on top of any financial damages stemming from the crime, every penny counts and the services provided by a bondsman are invaluable.

On top of this service, bondsmen are experts on the arrest process and can help point you to resources available for the accused and their family. All bondsmen are licensed professionals, many backed by years of experience in the legal system, and using a bondsman has far more benefits than the simple monetary incentive.

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Bryant Street Jail Information

County Jail #1 Hall of Justice / Classification Facility
850 Bryant Street, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Jail Direct: (415) 553-1430

County Jail #2 Hall of Justice / Criminal Courts
850 Bryant Street, 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 553-9506

Central Warrants Bureau
850 Bryant Street, 4th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94103


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Updated: 08/12/2012