Liar Liar? Lawyer Representing Arson Client, Has Pants Catch Fire in Court

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Here’s something that doesn’t happen every day.

A Florida-based defense attorney who was in court, representing a client that was being charged with arson, wound up running out of the courtroom during his closing argument because his pants caught on fire. (We’re guessing he never heard of stop, drop and roll?)

The attorney had an e-cigarette in one of his pockets, according to a report by the Huffington Post, and apparently, there was a problem with the battery, that led the device to “spontaneously combust.”

The attorney said he noticed his pants were starting to “feel hot” shortly after he started to deliver his closing argument.  He also realized that his e-cigarette had actually burned a hole in his pocket.

The incident did nothing to help his client; the defendant was later convicted of second-degree arson.

Original article:  Lawyer’s pants catch on fire during arson trial

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