Bail Reform Led to an Uptick in Crime: Police

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A spokesperson for the Newark Police Department said the NPD has seen a rise in crime since the first of the year; on Jan.1, a new bail reform took effect. Today, anyone who is arrested in the state of NJ will be evaluated by a computer program.  If the algorithm determines the defendant isn’t a flight risk and that they aren’t a risk to public safety, they will be released on their own recognizance.

The reform efforts were largely backed by the ACLU and inmate rights advocates, who said that poor people were unjustly harmed under the old system due to their inability to pay.

The Newark Police Department sees things differently.

They point to one defendant, who has been arrested three times this year on suspicion of grand theft auto. That man “allegedly led police officers on several car chases and crashes” according to a report by

The department also said they’ve seen an uptick in property crime since the bail reform law was implemented.

Original article: Newark police director: Bail reform law is increasing crime in the city

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