$13k Dine-and-Dash Scam? It Happened in Spain

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Talk about a hit! Police in Spain say they’re still trying to determine the identities of between 120 and 200 people who have been involved in quite the elaborate dine and dash scheme. Here’s how it works. A very, very large party will show up at a restaurant and order thousands of dollars of food and drink. Just before it’s … Read More

Los Feliz Robbery Suspect Arrested by LAPD

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While one suspect has been arrested by the LAPD, a second suspect remains at large, police said. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department has confirmed that a 19-year-old that police believe is connected to a robbery in Las Feliz has been arrested. LAPD officials say the robbery took place in early February; the now-defendant, who has since been identified … Read More

SDPD, California ABC Arrest Hundreds in Underage Drinking Sting

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The San Diego Police Department and San Diego Sheriff’s Department are among the statewide law enforcement agencies that participated in the “Decoy Shoulder Tap Operation.” The operation was conducted alongside the California Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control and its goal was to create awareness about the problems linked to underage drinking. ABC officials said that 336 people were cited … Read More