Drunk Woman Stumbles Home, Passes Out, Wakes Up in Wrong House

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In what can only be described as a massive instance of “whoops,” police in Pennsylvania say they received a call from a terrified 88-year-old when she woke up in the morning and discovered someone was sleeping in an upstairs bedroom. The rogue sleeper was later identified as a 36-year-old local woman who had been out drinking the night before. Police … Read More

Bail Reform Led to an Uptick in Crime: Police

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A spokesperson for the Newark Police Department said the NPD has seen a rise in crime since the first of the year; on Jan.1, a new bail reform took effect. Today, anyone who is arrested in the state of NJ will be evaluated by a computer program.  If the algorithm determines the defendant isn’t a flight risk and that they … Read More

NJ Police Beg State to Fix Bail Reform

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On Jan.1, 2017, New Jersey said good bye to commercial bail bonds. Today, when someone is arrested for a crime, a computer algorithm will determine whether it’s safe, or unsafe, to release them from jail on a promise to appear. The change was widely applauded by inmate rights groups and the ACLU, who felt that the commercial bail bonds system … Read More